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The AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M) is the leading association in the Asia Pacific region representing medical, allied health and aesthetic medicine professionals who are passionate about healthy ageing in the fields of preventative, integrative and aesthetic medicine.

Our Mission

To provide healthcare practitioners with the highest standard of education and training in preventative medicine and disease management to promote healthy ageing and provide better patient outcomes. 

A5M content is driven by the pillars of healthy ageing and offers world class scientific and evidence-based training, education and networking opportunities with industry experts from across Australasia and abroad. 

What the health professionals have to say about us...

Dr Gary Aaron

Integrative GP, NSW Australia

"I have attended a number of Anti-Ageing conferences in Australia and the United States... However, none of them come close to the interactive experience I have had in the A5M fellowship training modules."

ms debora-Dale Young

Pharmacist, Auckland New Zealand

"A5M encourages networking between like-minded health professionals from a range of modalities. This allows practitioners to discuss difficult cases and support each other in a unique learning environment..."

Ms Sheila Brito

Nutritional Therapist, NT Australia

"Really good conference, knowledgeable speakers, lovely food great venue. I'd love to be back as presenter in future events!"

Dr Farid Zaer

Cosmetic & Integrative GP, QLD Australia

"Great coverage of topics, great speakers, enjoyable in very many aspects... I feel welcomed because people are open to so many unconventional approaches; no rigidity in thinking, like conventional medicine."

Dr Keturah Hoffman

Cosmetic & Integrative GP, WA Australia

"Fantastic keynote and invited speakers this year! (2018)"




A5M Medical Education | Providing training, certification and continuing education in Preventative, Integrative & Anti-Ageing Medicine

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