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The sudden and full immersion of our lives into the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought with it much uncertainty, fear and resistance. As our world is quickly changing and whilst we navigate the challenges and times ahead, we have all had to adjust our lives, businesses, relationships, lifestyles and behaviours. 
One factor common to all, is we have had an opportunity to reconnect with our families, neighbours and communities, our environment and most importantly ourselves. In turn the current situation has allowed us time to reflect and see where there are gaps in all aspects of our lives. We now have the space and time to look at ways to fill those gaps. We have had to look at reinventing ourselves and build on our strengths. 
As we all face the challenges of COVID-19, A5M has taken the opportunity to make some changes and offer our healthcare practitioner community, greater access to our educational programs ONLINE, or if you have previously participated, the opportunity to refresh your knowledge.

I am pleased to announce the Core Learning Modules of the A5M Certification in Anti-ageing Medicine (ACAAM) Program are now available ONLINE, beginning with Core Learning Module 1: Foundations in Preventative, Integrative and Anti-Ageing Medicine.
The Australasian Certification in Anti-Ageing Medicine (ACAAM) modules, incorporate the principles of preventative. integrative and anti-ageing medicine to prevent, treat and manage disorders and disease and promote healthy ageing:

  • Transform patient treatment and care from an illness (re-active) model to a wellness (pro-active) model
  • Provide a framework for a personalised, multidisciplinary and holistic approach to preventative healthcare and treatment and enhancing your patient's quality of life
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle changes to manage your patient's health and vitality
  • Bridge the gap between internal health and well-being and optimal skin health and external appearances
  • Incorporate multi-discipline strategies focusing on the key pillars of ageing: diet and nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, supplementation, metabolic and hormonal issues to treat and manage chronic disorders and promote healthy ageing

The ACAAM program focuses on integrating the pillars of ageing, including: exercise, lifestyle and stress management; diet and nutrition; hormonal balancing and metabolic disorders; and our genetics to allow the practitioner to determine the most suitable personalised approach for your patients.
Please click if you are interested in registering with A5M Online Learning. Our new look website is now live at


A reminder, we are offering a COVID-19 Special Rate- $990 incl GST/module (normally $1200), if purchased prior to 31 August 2020. A5M membership is a requirement of participating in the ACAAM program and membership is currently $300/year - we have waived our joining fee until 31 August 2020 (a saving of $85).
Modules can be purchased individually or all 3 modules as a package at the COVID-19 Special Rate of $2970 incl GST (normally $3600) and accessed at your convenience. Once you have launched the first lecture of each module you will have 60 days of unlimited access. For further details about the program and T&Cs please click view the ACAAM Prospectus.
Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you updates on new programs and content so please ensure you are on our list by becoming a registered user on the A5M website
Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Kind regards,

Helen Anton
Director | A5M Medical Education

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