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Digestive health is the key to overall health and wellbeing!

Gut health has an enormous impact on all aspects of everyday life including physical appearance. Our digestive health is the pivotal point in the function of the human body, affecting our skin, its hydration, ageing and function.Our hormones, inflammation and nutritional deficiency contribute to skin problems and the skin's ability to recover from sun damage, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and premature ageing. 


Dr Rhona Creegan, PhD
Nutritional Biochemist presents this lecture on "Complex Interactions of diet, lifestyle and environment with genome and microbiome"

Genetics are what you're born with and epigenetics is what you can do about it. While your skin may be predisposed to wrinkles or pigmentation it doesn't mean that these genes will be expressed. This depends on the complex interactions of your diet, lifestyle and environment with gene expression and the microbiome. The type of food eaten, exposure to toxins and life stressors can markedly impact your health which can lead to skin problems and premature ageing. The role of genetics, epigenetics, detoxification, hormone balance and digestive function in terms of skin health will be discussed, with a focus on strategies for achieving skin health.


  • To understand the effect of diet, lifestyle and environment on gene expression
  • To show how abnormal detoxification pathways can adversely affect multiple organ systems including the skin
  • To learn how to achieve inner health in your patients which can improve skin health and promote healthy ageing
  • How to assess toxicity, micrbiome, hormone balance and nutrient status for targeted intervention strategies for inner health/outer beauty