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Metabolic Disorders occur when the metabolism process fails and causes the body to have either too much or too little of the essential substances needed to stay healthy. Core Learning Module 3 examines the four major metabolic disorders contributing to the acceleration of the ageing process. This module will discuss the processes of insulin resistance and define specific treatment protocols; risk factors for heart disease, and how common cardiovascular disorders accelerate the ageing process.


  • Understand metabolism and why metabolic syndrome develops
  • Appreciate the consequences of dysfunctional metabolism for increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Understand the role of impaired insulin signaling in metabolic disease, infertility and neurodegenerative conditions
  • Learn how dysregulation of insulin and other hormones impact metabolism at a cellular level leading to mitochondrial dysfunction and chronic inflammation
  • Define and understand the pathways leading to obesity
  • Review laboratory tests and intervention strategies, including diet and lifestyle inputs for the management of metabolic diseases and their sequelae


  • UNIT 1: Overview of Metabolic Syndrome
  • UNIT 2: Insulin Resistance & Type II Diabetes
  • UNIT 3: Cardiovascular Disease
  • UNIT 4: Pathways to Obesity & Appetite Regulation
  • UNIT 5: PCOS & Infertility - the link to Metabolic Syndrome
  • UNIT 6: Asessment of Metabolic Health & Nutritional Interventions


  • Metabolic syndrome - what is it and how does it affect ageing?
  • Genetic and nutritional factors influencing metabolic syndrome
  • Genetic and nutritional factors influencing insulin resistance and type II diabetes
  • Treatment protocols for insulin resistance and type II diabetes
  • Patient assessment overview
  • Pathways to obesity and its effect on ageing
  • Weight loss as a metabolic syndrome treatment strategy
  • PCOS and its link to metabolic syndrome
  • Female infertility - links to metabolic dysfunction
  • Male infertility - links to metabolic dysfunction
  • Cardiovascular disease and its acceleration of ageing
  • Cardiovascular nutritional interventions
  • Treatment protocols for cardiovascular disease - Bringing it all together


  • Short quiz/reflection at the end of each unit
  • Final assessment at the end of each CLM
  • Certificate of completion after all the requirements of the CLM have been fulfilled

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