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Researched, compiled and written by A5M team

Source: Australian Men's Health Forum – Associate Professor Gary Misan PhD (Jan 2016)
Defining Function in the Functional Medicine Model published in Integrative Medicine Clinician's Journal – Jeffrey Bland PhD, FACN, FACB (Feb 2017)

"Recognising and preventing men's health problems is not just a man's issue. Because of its impact on wives, mothers, daughters and sisters, men's health is truly a family issue"

Joan Welsh

According to the 2016 Australian Men's Health Forum, Australian males have a shorter life expectancy, high rates of death from preventable chronic diseases and account for a high proportion of most non-gender specific diseases including mental illness, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Did you know? 
- Many men have gaps in their health knowledge 
- Men express their health concerns differently to women 
- Men are often reluctant to visit health practitioners

The leading causes of male deaths in Australia are ischaemic heart disease, cancers, respiratory system disease, prostate and lymphatic system disease, cerebrovascular disease, suicide and endocrine disorders; which account for 60% of total male deaths. It is important for us to better understand the factors influencing male health and behaviours because of this statistic. As healthcare providers, we must understand the way men express health concerns and the different symptomatology associated with certain conditions. It is our role to understand the drivers of some of these health challenges and how to assess and implement therapeutic strategies to best support men's health.

Finding solutions to complex health issues can result from a multifaceted network of interactions. Health professionals need a better understanding of factors influencing male health and health behaviours, and guidance in how to better structure clinical and management practices to encourage engagement of males. Clinicians should be attuned to differences in the way men express health concerns, it would be beneficial to establish a trusting relationship between male patient and practitioner from the onset.

Major men's health concerns we need to focus on are: 
- Male infertility, sexual dysfunction and reproductive health 
- Mental health and stress management 
- Addictions, alcohol and substance abuse
- Cardiovascular health, obesity and diabetes
- Hormonal deficiencies and prostate issues

A multi-functional approach to these health issues recognises the interplay between the individual's genome and their environment, diet and lifestyle, and detecting early changes that can result in disease. Medicine is moving toward a multi-focused view of disease and complex health issues, and it is through early detection of changes and disease that practitioners can provide patients with a personalised form of medicine. Its focus is on understanding an individual's physiological, cognitive, emotional and physical function; as well as on the design and implementation of a therapeutic program that is personalised to the needs of the patient.

By combining a preventative, integrative and functional medicine approach to male health issues, practitioners can develop strategies to protect the health and well-being of men. A multi-functional approach allows practitioners to explore the root causes of dysfunction and health issues for a better quality of life, emphasising the patient-provider relationship, assessment, lifestyle change, dietary modifications, supplementation and using other proven complementary modalities.

Join us in Perth, 22-23 February 2020 at the Novotel Langley Perth, for 2 exciting workshops focusing on a multi-functional approach to assessing, managing and treating health issues with a special focus on Brain and Mental Health and Men's Health.

A snapshot of men's health challenges throughout life ▪ Men's Health: a GP's perspective, the therapeutic relationship and compliance issues ▪ Case Studies and group discussion ▪ Factors contributing to common health challenges in men including metabolic, endocrine, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation and toxicity and how these factors relate to infertility ▪ Sexual dysfunction, reproductive and hormonal health ▪ Stress management and hormone deficiencies ▪ Prostate health management overview ▪ Mental health wellness in men ▪ Integrative approaches to assess and implement therapeutic strategies to support men's health | Q&A all speakers

BRAIN & MENTAL HEALTH TOPICS:  The biochemistry and genetics of brain injury and disease including neurodegeneration, depression and anxiety ▪ Optimising Cognitive Health ▪ Alzheimer's Dementia Risk Reduction ▪ PTSD: Treatment & Support for military personnel ▪ Sports and Traumatic Brain Injuries: Recovery and Management ▪ Appetite Regulation ▪ The role of Infections ▪ Integrated approaches to protect the brain from damage: Diet, lifestyle hormonal balance, appetite regulation and detoxification ▪ Q&A Case Studies with all speakers

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