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Module 3: Metabolic Disorders & the Ageing Process
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Event Title: ACAAM MODULE 3 | March 2020 SYDNEY
Event Date / Time:

3rd Mar, 2020 8:30AM


4th Mar, 2020 5:30PM

  • $1595 Non-Member 2-Day Module Registration
  • $1320 A5M Member 2-Day Module Registration
Event Description:

Metabolic Disorders and the Ageing Process

Two full days of face-to-face learning in an intimate class setting with plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Arrive 8am, class starts 8.30am and finishes 5.30pm both days.

This module examines the four major metabolic disorders contributing to accelerated ageing.

Learn how to enhance the quality of your patients' lives and wellbeing, manage chronic diseases and add years to their lifespan. 

Begin your training by registering for the next Core Module or Elective Workshop today, get certified with the ACAAM course

Presented by

Dr Rhona Creegan - Nutritional Biochemist & Nutritionist

Warren Maginn - Nutritional Biochemist 

Learning Objectives 

- Discuss and understand processes of insulin resistance and define specific treatment protocols. 

- Understand pathways leading to obesity and discuss the latest weight loss treatment protocols.

Learn how diabetes affect individuals and discuss management and treatment protocols. 

- Review laboratory tests to evaluate insulin resistance, diabetes and risk factors for heart disease.

To book your spot please click the "Register Now" button at the top left of this page. 

New South Wales
2000 Australia
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