​​​The following practitioners are just some of our graduates who have successfully completed all study and assessment requirements of the Australasian Certification in Anti-ageing Medicine (ACAAM).

If you are a graduate of this course and would like to be listed on this directory page - please email our Education Advisor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialist physician in rehabilitation medicine


Specialty: Rehabiltation Medicine
Clinical interests: Brain health, Gut health

Location: Orange NSW, Australia
Phone number: +612 5310 6061

Dr Josephine Braid is a Brain Rehabilitation Specialist, who is passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their optimal health. She has extensive experience in traumatic brain injury, stroke, and other neurological conditions, and combines her knowledge of anti-ageing medicine with rehabilitation medicine in the care of every individual. Dr Jo has a dedicated health coach with functional medicine experience, so each client is supported on their individual health journey.


Specialty: Biological Dentistry
Clinical interests: ​Oral systemic health link

Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

​​​​​​​​30 years of holistic dentistry experience. Trained at Kings College London 1989, Fellowship in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine 1998. Creating Safer Healthy Beautiful Smiles so you can eat the foods that are good for you without pain or sensitivity, sleep well, breathe well and know your dental health is only optimising your health and longevity. The only dentist in Australasia offering total metal free dentistry including Swiss Bioceramic metal free dental implants.

Functional medicine and nutrigenomics practitioner
BSc, PGDip, GradCert, MSc, ACAAM

Specialty: Functional medicine and nutrigenomics
Clinical interests: ​Preconception, Pregnancy, Children's health, Nutrigenomics

Location: Perth WA, Australia
Phone number: 1300 464 362

Amanda is a Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics Practitioner with experience in preconception, pregnancy, infant, and children's health. Qualifying as a Registered Nurse (2003), Midwife (2005) and Child Health Nurse (2006), Amanda completed a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (2017), graduating with distinction. Incorporating this knowledge with further education and training in genetic sciences, Amanda addresses the interaction of genes and the environment to optimise health outcomes, with a particular passion for preconception and pregnancy health.

General Practitioner

Specialty: Chronic Disease Prevention and Reversal​
Clinical interests: ​Weight loss, Gut Health, Women's Health, Chronic Disease​

Location: Wingham NSW, Australia
Phone number: + 61 (02) 6557 0470​

Dr Jenny is the Team Leader at Wingham Wellbeing, established in 2009 as a preventative family general practice based on keeping people healthy and well. Since commencing studies in Integrative Medicine in 2013 she has recognized the limitations placed upon physicians practicing within the public system and launched a new online business as a forum for personal choice in natural health solutions offering medical consultancy.​

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Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist Environmental Consultant
B App Sc Physio, G Dip Manip Physio, G Dip Nut Med, PG Certs Acup & Enviro Med, ACAAM

Specialty: Functional Medicine, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
Clinical interests: ​Chronic fatigue, complex pain, weight loss, gut health, brain health, arthritis, nutritional & environmental medicine

Location: Lismore NSW, Australia
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With more than 35 years' experience, Verona's three dimensional approach weaves together traditional and contemporary treatment protocols, focusing her attention on elevating the health states of those anchored down by chronic fatigue, complex pain, insomnia, anxiety, and inflammatory conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis. Verona's pioneering treatments place what we eat at the helm of chronic pain and at the threshold of our energy reservoirs. Verona has completed extensive functional medicine training with Dr Daniel Kalish in America. She is accomplished in investigative functional medicine, identification of biochemical disturbance at a cellular level and unravelling the complexity of chronic illness. Verona is a member of the Australian College for Eating Disorders having successfully completed training in the management of eating disorders and a non-diet approach to weight loss. Verona has also completed intensive training in environmental and household toxins and their impact on health including identification and treatment of mould related illness.

Naturopath and Registered Psychologist
Bsc. Hons (class1), PhD, Reg. Psyc, Dip Naturopathy, ACAAM

Specialty: Naturopathy and Psychology
Clinical interests: ​Anti-ageing, Nutritional Medicine, Behavioural Medicine

Location: Swansea NSW, Australia
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Professor Hodgson is a highly respected Neuroimmunologist at the University of Newcastle whose research has made significant contributions in the field of neuroplasticity and fetal programming. She has significant expertise in understanding the impact of the gut, the immune system and the brain on health outcomes. During her research career, Professor Hodgson has published in excess of 150 refereed journal papers and two books, and has facilitated major international collaborations with Global partners. As a Registered psychologist and a practising neuroscientist her clinical focus is strongly evidence-based. Her practice uses the latest findings to pursue healthy approaches to anti-ageing medicine. Her focus is on addressing barriers to health from a systems physiology approach. A strong focus on the Gut and the Brain as modulators of health outcomes is critical in her practice, as is working on psychological actors that influence our behaviours.

General Practitioner
Postnominals, ACAAM

Specialty: Immunology, fertility & reproduction, allergy management
Clinical interests: ​Nutritional medicine, weight loss management, infertility, gut health, allergies

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 812 8335 2403

Dr. Vidya is an anti-aging practitioner who studies immunology & allergies and skin health. She graduated medical education from the University of Indonesia and then continued her education at the EPHE (Ecole Pratique Des Hautes Etudes) Masters program in Paris, France with a focus on research in the field of immunology of cancer specifically for skin cancer (melanoma).

During her studies, Dr. Vidya also developed the science of anti-aging by combining three approaches, namely improving nutrition & lifestyle, reducing immunological & allergic disorders and improving appearance with skin care. She has extensive experience in dealing with patients with a history of allergies (both food and non-food allergies such as dust, air, sweat, metals etc.) by creating a healthy diet program compatible with the patient's immunological characteristics.

Cosmetic & Integrative Medicine General Practitioner

Specialty: Integrative & Cosmetic/Aesthetic Medicine
Clinical interests: Weight loss, hormonal dysfunction, aesthetic medicine

Location: Perth WA, Australia
Phone number: +618 9286 9900

Aparna is a UWA (1994) graduate who has specialist qualifications in General Practice and Aerospace Medicine. Furthermore, she is a qualified Aviation Medical Examiner. Dr Aparna Hegde completed her training with the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M). Her special interest is in the management of fatigue, weight loss and hormonal disturbances such as thyroid disorders and menopause. She is experienced in the use of bio-identical hormones and supplements to restore normal physiology.

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Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Environmental Consultant
BAppScPhysio, GDip ManipPhysio, GDipNutMed, PGCertsAcup&EnviroMed, ACAAM

Specialty: Functional medicine, nutritional & environmental medicine
Clinical interests: ​Chronic fatigue, complex pain, weight loss, gut health, brain health, arthritis, nutritional & environmental medicine

Location: Lismore NSW, Australia
Email: +62 812 8335 2403

Dr. Vidya is a FKUI graduate from 2008. She then studied immunology in Paris, France. She is currently active working with her colleagues in the immunologic reproductive field in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has completed training with the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine. Her fields of interest are infertility, weigh loss management and allergies.

A5M + COSMEDICON present Skin Health Workshop
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