What is Anti-Ageing Medicine and How it can increase Longevity
This Module consists of 2 full day attendance and explores Anti-Ageing Medicine as a clinical specialty focusing on a broad overview of advanced evidence-based practices; for early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age related dysfunction, disorders and disease.


  • Understand Anti-Ageing Medicine and how we age
  • Define how our biochemistry, organ function, chronic disease and lifestyle factors accelerate the aging process
  • Appreciate the role of Anti-Ageing Medicine as an integrative tool combining nutritional therapy, supplementation, lifestyle changes, hormonal and other pathology testing and the use of anti-ageing treatment protocols
  • Understand the integration of theories of Ageing and the processes behind ageing including inflammation, depletion and wear & tear
  • Define and understand the role of hormones identifying the biochemical process of hormones in the body
  • Review hormone testing and treatment protocols using nutrient supplementation, lifestyle and dietary changes


  • Clearly recognise and articulate the foundations of Anti-Ageing Medicine including the physiological processes involved in inflammation; depletion, wear and tear; genetic involvement; and hormonal influences
  • Students will demonstrate in-depth understanding and knowledge of our biochemistry associated with ageing, organ function, and chronic disease
  • The student will have the ability to demonstrate their skills, and understanding of the combining of nutritional therapy supplementation and lifestyle changes
  • Clearly analyse and interpret hormone and pathology tests to produce meaningful conclusions and anti-ageing treatment protocols
  • At the end of this module, students will be able to identify the biochemical process of hormones and their affect on ageing; and then prescribe a treatment protocol to balance hormones according to pathology results

Open to all allied healthcare professionals including but not limited to pharmacists, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, paramedicals, aesthetic specialists
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$1320 per module
Notes and presentation CD will be provided and registration includes lunch and tea breaks over the 2 days.
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