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Gut health has an enormous impact on all aspects of everyday life including our physical appearance. Our digestive health is the pivotal point in the function of the human body, affecting our skin, its hydration, ageing and function. 

Systemic inflammation & nutritional deficiency contribute to the vast majority of skin problems and its ability to recovery from sun damage, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and premature ageing.

This one-day workshop will provide you with the opportunity to understand the connection between gut health balance and the prevention of skin disorders and ageing. You will also examine the roles of genetics, epigenetics, detoxification, hormone balance and digestive function in terms of skin health, with a focus on strategies for achieving optimal skin health.


  • The function of the gut microbiome
  • The connections between the skin and the gut microbiome
  • How to take a systemic approach to your client's health as well as their skin
  • How to educate your client, assess their outcomes and create realistic expectations
  • The complex interactions of diet, lifestyle and environment with gene expression and the microbiome
  • Skin health benefits of fasting
  • New frontiers in skin health and the role of nutritional support and supplements both internal (including IV) and external (topical) to support gut health
  • Genetics versus epigenetics: the impact of what you eat and when, exposure to toxins and life stressors on your health, skin problems and premature ageing

Join us in March for this important workshop designed to provide you with a framework for a holistic approach to repairing both the body and skin and achieving realistic outcomes.
Our expert panel of presenters will teach you how to integrate these strategies to the clinic environment.

WHEN: Thursday 5th March 2020
WHERE: InterContinental Double Bay, 33 Cross Street Double Bay 2028, Sydney Australia
TIME: 8.30am-5.30pm

​*This event is open to A5M members and also licensed healthcare professionals and qualified allied health practitioners.

​Introducing some of our presenters - more to be announced soon!

Nutritional Biochemist & Registered Nutritionist (NSA)

PhD (Neurobiochemistry), Master of Nutrition Medicine, MSc (Clinical Biochemistry), Dip ACN, BSc (Biomedical Sciences)

Dr Rhona Creegan is an integrative health specialist with extensive experience in clinical biochemistry, molecular genetics and nutrition. She understands the health challenges faced by many and continually strives to help people regain their health. The field of personalised, integrative medicine has been gaining momentum in recent years and operates adjunct to conventional medicine to optimise health. Dr Creegan is a specialist in addressing complex health issues including: gut health, food sensitivities, mood disorders, toxicity and detoxification, methylation, hormone imbalances, metabolic disorders.

Integrative Medicine Practitioner & Cosmetic Physician

MBBS, FRACGP, MPH & Tropical Medicine, Dip Aviation Med, ACAAM

Aparna is an UWA (1994) graduate who has specialist qualifications in General Practice and Aerospace Medicine. Her special interest is women's health and the management of fatigue, weight loss and hormonal disturbances such as thyroid disorders and menopause. She is experienced in the use of bio-identical hormones and supplements to restore normal physiology and has an interest in cosmetic medicine including dermal therapy, Intravenous Vitamin therapy, laser procedures (Cosmetic), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection.

Compounding Pharmacist & Integrative Medicine Practitioner

BPharm, PCCA, ABAAHP, IFM (Compounding), ACAAM

Mary-Louise has practised as a retail and compounding pharmacist for the past 30 years. She is an Anti-Ageing and Integrative Medicine Practitioner, combining nutraceuticals (vitamins and nutrition), hormones and pain management. Mary-Louise is certified under both the Australasian Certification Anti-Ageing Medicine (ACAAM) run by A5M and the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP). She has also trained with the PCCA focusing on natural hormones and nurturing her passion for bespoke medicine and cutting-edge technology to create wellness.

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