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If you are passionate about your career in preventative, personalised and aesthetic medicine in Australasia, A5M provides our medical and allied health practitioner members access to the highest standard of education and training opportunities, knowledge, tools, insights and research to support their professional development in medicine.

A5M hosted events give our members the opportunity to learn from leading local and international medical experts plus connect and network with industry peers.

A5M welcomes all medical and allied health professionals dedicated to improving healthy-ageing and providing better patient outcomes through preventative, personalised and aesthetic medicine in Australasia.

A5M membership is open to general practitioners, medical specialists and other health professionals including aestheticians, chiropractors, dentists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, pharmacists, naturopaths, nutritionists and dieticians, nurse practitioners, osteopaths, physicians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, surgeons, scientists, sports clinicians, students and more.

Join experts passionate about the healthy-ageing medical industry, and connect with like-minded professionals. Become an A5M member today!Anti-Ageing Medicine is based on principles of sound and responsible medical care that are consistent with those applied in other preventive and restorative health specialties.

A5M is the premier professional education body for Anti-Ageing Medicine in AustralAsia.

Become an A5M member today!

Benefits of Membership

MEMBER INFORMATION PORTAL: Stay up to date with industry knowledge and resources via the A5M member-only area

PUBLICATIONS AND NEWS: the latest articles, research and updates on the anti-ageing industry curated from external sources.

CONSUMER PROMOTION: promote your practice or business to consumers through the A5M practitioner directory.

INDUSTRY COMMUNICATION: delivered straight to your inbox, our regular email communiques share the latest insights, updates from the association’s Board, advice and new resources.

DISCOUNTED RESOURCES: access the latest industry resources including books, CDs and videos at the A5M Online Store.

EVENTS: discounted access to a nation-wide events calendar including the A5M annual conference and workshops which source global expert speakers and trainers to deliver a high-level of education with practical outcomes.

NETWORKING AND CONNECTION: connect with like-minded medical and allied health professionals to discuss the latest preventative and integrative medical research, opinions and techniques.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: education and training programs specifically geared to deliver a high-level of understanding in specific fields, and provide practical and tangible career benefits. Our member-only Certification program teaches leading international research and techniques with relevance to the Australasian region.

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