Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets the minimum standard for the aspects of conduct for A5M members. The standard is set to ensure that the conduct and professional practise of A5M members is socially responsible, and that it promotes appropriate behaviour and does not mislead or deceive.


Membership Principles

  • Members conduct themselves ethically and professionally at all times.
  • Members have a commitment to continuing professional education to maintain and improve their professional knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Members treat other members and practitioners with respect.
  • Members must adhere to all of the requirements of this Code of Conduct as well as State, Territory and Federal law within the scope of their practice.
  • Under no circumstances may another person use someone else’s membership number.
  • The member shall not provide false, misleading or incorrect information to the A5M.
  • The member shall not advertise under the A5M logo any disciplines for which they are not accredited.
  • The member shall not denigrate other members of the healthcare profession.
  • The member shall be responsible for the actions of all persons under their employ, whether under contract or not.
  • The member shall not engage in activity, whether written or verbal, that will reflect improperly on A5M.
  • Members will build a professional reputation based on integrity and ability.
  • Members must recognise that personal conduct may affect reputation, both personal and that of the A5M.
  • Members will refrain from making comments which may damage the reputation of other members or the association.
  • Members will keep up to date on relevant profession knowledge, codes of practice and legal responsibilities.
  • Members will not comment on behalf of, nor appear to be representing A5M unless by prior arrangement and permission of A5M and their PR Agency.
  • To continue their listing on the A5M Website, members must attend at least two A5M events annually.

A5M reserves the right to suspend membership without notice if membership principles are breached

It is the responsibility of the member to advise A5M of changes to any personal/ business details

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