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Anti-Ageing Medicine Trends

Anti-Ageing Medicine is the fastest-growing medical specialty in the world. According to a recent technical market research report, Anti-Aging Products and Services, the disease treatment segment currently has the largest share of the market, expected to be worth $291.9 billion by 2015.
You can keep abreast of the latest breakthroughs in preventive and interventive techniques that help your patients achieve their personal best in wellness, longevity and a fulfilling quality of life.

World-class Clinical Education

A5M is part of a global group headed by the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine (WAAAM) and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) a member-based organisation with over 20,000 physician and scientist members worldwide.
Enhance your knowledge and expand your practice potential with a Fellowship or Certification through A5M offerings in Anti-Ageing Medicine Education.


World-class Events
Each year the A5M agenda of conferences and events expands and improves, with growing attendance by practitioners, speakers and guests from around the world.
A5M Anti-Ageing Events

Inject New Life Into Your Business Practice

How can your practice benefit from adding Anti-Ageing specialties? Enormously!
So much more than HRT, pain management or aesthetic procedures, learn more about the multi-disciplinary approach of Anti-Ageing Medicine.
Converting to an Anti-Ageing practice model could mean an increase in fees to $60 per patient. This small investment of less than $15,000 could result in increased gross income $115,000*.
*calculated using data from a 2005/06 survey by finance firms Medfin and McMasters, benchmarking data from the Australian Division of General Practice. Sources: How Much Does A Doctor Earn? ; AGPN research

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