I am Nathan Member and this is my directory listing.
I have been providing providing acupuncture and remedial therapies in a private practice setting for over 16 years. My approach is holistic and I'm interested in merging Western science with Eastern medicine
I am a GP who is passionate about creating the best health for patients and believe that there is so much knowledge and treatments that are available but underutilised. I am always learning and applying what I learn to bring the best health outcomes for...
private practice as a fully registered clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist.emeritus professor. academic textbook author.
We are a boutique cosmetic clinic who specialise in skin, injectables and body contouring.
Integrative medical and cosmetic clinic in regional Vic providing laser skin treatments, low level laser for joints and inflammation and integrative GP based medical consults.
I'm an Integrative Medicine physician from the Philippines, currently enrolled in a Traditional Chinese Medicine course.
I am a holistic Gp psychotherapist with a strong interest in meditation, diet and lifestyle modifications
Chiropractor in NSW,19 years experience, interested in integrative/functional medicine.
GP services, mental health, injectables, IV nutrition etc
Anti ageing and Mitochondrial researcher who is specialising in creating treatment plans to deal with an array of degenerative diseases, inflammatory conditions and optimising nutritional outcomes of patients.
I am a rural procedural GP providing locum service for general practice , emergency and anesthetic service to several rural hospitals in Australia. Recently , I got interested into environmental and nutritional medicine and anti-aging medicine. I would...
The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM), the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), and the European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation (ELMO) are proud to invite you to attend the first International Scientific Conference on Lifestyle...